Yesterday night one of my dreams came true: I have seen Stanley Clarke live on stage in the Mercator-Halle in my hometown Duisburg!

He played with the reunited band Return To Forever with Chick Corea (piano & synthesizers), Jean Luc Ponty (violin), Frank Gambale (guitar) and Lenny White (drums). It was a fantastic performance and each band member - especially Stanley Clarke on electric and acoustic bass - got frenetic applause.

The atmosphere of the audience changed positively in course of the concert. What began as a mannerly theater-like per-
formance ended in a furious and great rock concert when the band played Stanley Clarke's "School Days" as an encore (you can see it in this fantastic YouTube video!). All people got up from their seats. And those who were lucky to be on the floor and not on the gallery have been called to the front of the stage to dance with the legendary and once so influential band. Never before I have experienced such a high level of perfectionism and musical virtuosity.


Still a lot is happening! And it is about time to update my website again. This time I have a very nice reason, because my wife gave birth to our second son yesterday. A proud big brother and me are very glad that everything went very good and both mother and child are well and healthy.

At this point I finally want to thank all of you who are supporting me at YouTube and who encourage me to make new videos.
I am totally glad and regularly surprised how much you like what I do and that I always get rewarded with constructive criticism. When I read from time to time that some of you bought certain effects pedals because of my demonstrations only or that my videos had strong impact on your buying decision, I'm always pleasantly surprised. I don't see myself as being a guitarist, but you give me the believe that I'm not the worst string tormentor. This encourages me and I'm glad that the effort to produce those demo videos seems to be worth it. Thank you!


A lot is happening recently! A few effects pedals had to go to finance a beautiful Spanish Admira classical guitar with a great pickup. I managed to repair my KORG DW-8000 with the parts of another exemplar. My KORG Lambda and the second DW-8000 have been sold lately and are in good hands now. A few weeks ago I got an extremely cheap BOSS SE-50 half rack multi effects unit and a few effects pedals I bought quite cheap are in Canada for hopefully being repaired. If they work thereafter, it was a great deal. For a few weeks now I'm working at more convincing drum sounds for coming song recordings and actually I wanted to record a new song already, but I could not take the time for it. Why does a day have 24 hours only?

But sometimes a started project finally comes into being, like this KORG Lambda cleaning video
, which has already been online at YouTube for a few weeks:


Here is the KORG Lambda demo song:

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