And here is the video of my live performance at the BOSS Looper Contest in Hamburg:


My KORG MS-10 demo song can now be heard on YouTube:


What a nice event! Although I have not won the Looper Contest the trip to Hamburg was worth it. It was fun to play against the other competitors who were without exception very talented and different in each one's playing style. In the end the beat boxers and vocal artists have won the prizes - with good cause!

I was very surprised that I was not nervous at all. I played my song without mistakes and it sounded just like I planned it. It was an interesting experience for me to see that I can perform my music in front of a totally strange audience and stay fully concentrated and relaxed.

This is my video that qualified me for the final competition in Hamburg:


I have been chosen to take part at the final competition of the BOSS Looper Contest 2009! On the 22nd of October I have got to perform my instrumental song "Oxymoron" (that I have produced with the use of the BOSS Loop Station RC-20XL and a small part of my equipment) in Hamburg in front of a jury and audience against 11 other competitors. I am looking forward to what will await me and maybe I have the chance to gain a prize.


Welcome to my website!
This domain exists for about two years now and is finally getting filled with content step by step.

On this platform I want to give you insight into my work and my favourite hobby: music. In the future there will be mp3 data of some of my songs, miscellaneous equipment demonstrations and information about various musical instruments that I use.

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