During the last months I have been doing lots of guitar, bass and keyboard recordings for various demos. The idea was to do 24 of them and to present them as an Advent calendar this year. I don't know if I can complete all the 24 demos on time, but I can pretty much guarantee for at least 16 demo videos of interesting guitar pedals. With three kids and a wife that is nine months pregnant I'm hoping for enough free time to assemble and record everything. Should one of the calendar doors keep closed, I will upload the video that was destined for that day later this year.

The closed doors lead to some of my favourite songs of various artists. It's a mix of different styles and genres, so have fun exploring my taste of music!

(And yeah, the boy in the posh snowsuit is little Pepe at the age of almost three.)


The Corona virus forces most of us to stay at home. Crazy times, but they can be productive. I used the time to make some demo videos again. The Seppuku Mind Warp is an awesome and both very intensive and flexible chorus/vibrato effect that offers psychedelic sounds on demand. The white pedal is the first version of the HighGainSystems Fuzz Architect. It is a vintage sounding fuzz pedal in the fashion of the legendary Fuzz Face. It is handmade in Canada and you can buy it here.

My 12-year-old son is experimenting with micro controllers, especially the ESP32. Recently he made some really cool 8-bit music tracks with it.


In the last months I have recorded demo videos of some very rare and sought-after pedals.

The legendary CE-1, the first true BOSS pedal from 1976, is a pure dream! It is a wonderful chorus effect for both strings or keys:

The BF-1 is another early BOSS legend. It has the Reticon SAD1024A BBD chip which produces lovely flanger sounds:

Many guitarists swear on the Pearl OC-07 and say that it's the best octaver pedal ever made. It is indeed a great pedal:

I was already lucky to get my hands on the rare LAL pedals 45 Super Fuzz, 86 Oscillo Fuzz and the Ripplet Tremolo in the last years, but this ring modulator is among the rarest LAL pedals. The Sick Pitch King is one of the earliest pedals made by Hirofumi and it is a fantastic sounding ring modulation with cool features:

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