Some boosters can be boring and uninspiring, but these two pedals are able to produce other sounds apart from just making the overall signal louder.


Here are two new demos of exotic effect pedals. The Lastgasp Art Laboratories 86 Oscillo Fuzz has just been finished. I have never had an oscillating fuzz. Those who like unusual sounds should listen to this one. And like many other Seppuku pedals, the Spacefuzz has its own sound and it is capable of destroying the signal in a cool way. I must admit that I love crazy pedals like these!


Before Christmas I received a parcel with the brand new Hotone Skyline pedals LUSH Flanger and DJENT Modern Hi Gain Distortion. You can watch the demo video of the cool LUSH here, as well as the promised demo of the Hotone KRUSH Bitcrusher/Sample Rate Reducer. I made another demo video with synthesizers to show all the functions of the Hotone KRUSH.

The demo of the Seppuku Kompakt Kassette was made possible, because ILoveFuzz's member peaches sent his pedal to me to fix it. After replacing the faulty delay chip I was able
to record these totally crazy tunes. Thanks again for this opportunity, peaches!


In the last months I have been able to create and publish new guitar pedal demo videos more frequently - amongst others of a few effect pedals that have been at my home as temporary guests. I was allowed to test and demonstrate two rare Lastgasp Arts Laboratories pedals and two Seppuku pedals:

The tiny Hotone pedals that have won my heart throughout the last two years are always good for a surprise! I have recently bought a LIFTUP and an EKO and both pedals have an impressive sound. The LIFTUP is a booster with extreme low background noise and good tone control. The EKO produces nice and dirty echoes that don't sound like BBD analog delay and neither like tape delay, but with that certain something on its own. A very nice unit! Just listen to the demos:

In the meantime I have also received the new
Hotone KRUSH Bitcrusher/Sample Rate Reducer. A demo will follow soon!

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